How to get inside downpipes and gutter guards once they have been installed!

EasyAc makes it simple to allow easy access to Downpipes, Leaf Stopper Gutter Guards and Awnings. In fact, anywhere once you’ve attached the base plate.

The patented system does not use screws, so you won’t need a screw driver each time you need to take the lid off to get inside.

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Sample Applications

Technical Information




    • Made from 0.55mm coated steel.


    • Size 80mm x 96mm. Will suit a 100mm wide downpipe (eg, 100mm x 50mm, 100mm x 75mm)


    • Suitable for many applications, such as Leaf Stopper Gutter Protection, downpipes, vents and awnings.


Top Idea distributes its gutter guard and other products through hardware stores and reseller outlets Australia-wide.

Top Idea is an Australian owned company, operating since 1996