About top idea

We have built our reputation and business on providing a gutter guard that works and that lasts.

We back our product with a 15 Year Guarantee

Use only the genuine Leaf Stopper to protect your home.

15 Year Guarantee

We are so confident in our product we back it with a 15 year guarantee. A guarantee is only as good as the company behind it. We are an Australian company with a reputation for quality that is here for the long-term.

Australian Design Award

Our ski-slope system was invented in 1989 and won the Australian Design Award in 1991.

Innovative by Nature

An aluminium mesh system was introduced in 2005 further increasing effectiveness and increasing the life of the system. We have since patented further innovations such as our unique Trimets® that make Leaf Stopper even easier and safer to install.

Used on Leading Buildings

Leaf Stopper was chosen for many of the schools in the government’s BER (Building the Education Revolution) program and is even used on fire stations.If its good enough to protect the fire station, it’s the right product for your home.

Quality Certified

All our powder coating is supplied by a major listed company that provides quality test certificates. Cheaper leaf guards that cut corners cannot afford investment in similar quality. You won’t notice the difference until it is on your roof and doesn’t last.

Available Australia-wide

Available from leading hardware and reseller outlets Australia-wide.

Protecting your home and roof is a long-term investment. Don’t skimp and risk detracting value from your home with gutter guard systems that don’t work or don’t last. Choose genuine Leaf Stopper products and invest in the value and appearance of your home.

The Distributor

Leaf Stopper® is distributed by Top Idea Australia Pty Ltd from their factories in Kings Park NSW Australia. Top Idea originally started manufacturing and distributing gutter guard accessories in 1996.

The company’s Managing Director and founder, Richard Jelacic, was the co-innovator who developed the first aluminium ski-slope system gutter guard which is known as Leaf Stopper.

Top Idea distributes its gutter guard and other products through hardware stores and reseller outlets Australia-wide. The company is known for prompt, reliable service with a focus on providing innovative and quality products.